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Hand painted gourds

Karenlee, gourd artist and designer, has spent her whole life

"doodling," as she calls it. Winning art contests and art camp

scholarships at her native suburban Chicago high school, she

went on to study art at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston.

Her dream of "being an artist in a cottage in the woods" came

true in 1984 when she married Chuck...who was indeed living

in a cottage in the woods. They began growing and painting

gourds...selling them as fast as they could make them...and have

been doing so ever since. They now have two children and live

rather simply in the middle of a 130 acre forest in east central

Illinois...without plumbing or running water. Their home's

electricity is derived from sun. Karen's work has been featured in

national magazines and has been shown and sold in galleries and

museum shops in the U.S.A. and abroad. Her gourd characters

convey a sense of serenity, although there is a large dose of

whimsy thrown in for good measure.


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